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Talking About The Mainstream Lock Type Of Anti-theft Door

Feb 21, 2019

                         Talking about the Mainstream Lock Type of Anti-theft Door

     Speaking of anti-theft doors, many people will contact the anti-theft lock device. In fact, at present, this kind of lock is mainly in the form of mixed locks. Many times, the anti-theft door lock we use is a mixed lock. And the main reason why this kind of lock can become the mainstream lock of anti-theft door is because of its characteristics. Its security is higher than the general single plane lock, switch cabinet lock and handle lock. The reason for this is that today's hybrid locks are mainly composed of two or more locks, including chain lock, plane lock, handle lock and connecting rod lock. The mainstream one is the combination of handle lock and connecting rod lock, which is the main lock, while the connecting rod lock is attached to the inside of the anti-theft door.

By matching the key with the lock core of the handle lock, the main lock tongue can be driven to expand freely when the anti-theft door is closed. And the lock core is connected with its internal connecting rod lock, and the other end of the connecting rod is connected with the tongue lock, so when the main locking tongue expands, the auxiliary locking tongue connected with the connecting rod will also expand, playing a variety of anti-theft roles. This is the main utility and feature of the hybrid lock.