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Cabinet Locks Using Process

Nov 26, 2016

Generally based on normal use of a Cabinet lock may 15, if you have water, use up to 7 years, Cabinet lock manufacturer in Jiangsu, Cabinet lock plate usually is good.

At present, the drawer lock closet locks, luggage locks, Cabinet locks, Cabinet locks, cam locks, link locks and bathroom locks, safe locks, Office locks in great demand. In these cabinets lock and real estate industry, furniture industry, closely related to the property management industry, has become increasingly playful, have an increasingly higher quality requirements. With the deepening of China's opening to, building high-end development, high-end electrical cabinet locks optimistic about the market's prospects. On the electrical cabinet door cabinet door lock industry in China has continuously increased investment in high-tech, electrical cabinet locks market demand increased year by year.

China cabinet door production and management levels, large enterprises in strict accordance with the standards in the production of qualified and relatively stable product quality, some SMEs tend to neglect quality control, production process is not a scientific process, a lack of effective means of testing. Followed by the process. Product quality process management to guarantee the electrical cabinet lock has an extremely important role, backward production contributed to the electrical cabinet door lock product quality is the main reason for the decline.

In recent years, cabinet door lock product extension because of new technology, the use of new materials and has been expanded. Such as Mechatronics intelligent locks, fingerprint locks, as well as the vault, Ocean transportation, military police developed a special cabinet locks. Therefore, the domestic cabinet door can open up there is plenty of space, the key to future development for continuous improvement and beyond.