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How To Maintain A Good Appearance Of The Lock?

Nov 26, 2016

With the fashion sense of rising, cam lock, Cabinet lock, Cabinet hinges and other common locks can not meet the people's needs, more practical and beautiful locks were designed. Said locks had just locked things plays a decorative role. So, how should we maintain locks look? look together!

Period 1, property, please use the plastic bag to seal the lock handles, panels and other exposed parts, but do not place a self adhesive tape with adhesive surface contact with the locking surface, so as not to lock parts surface treatment layer of decoration, with acidic or alkaline materials and corrosion of gas-producing spots, blistering or delamination phenomenon seriously affecting the appearance quality of locks. Some of zinc alloy and copper locks, installed on the door a long time will find the "spot", such a phenomenon does not belong to rust, but the oxidation, if this happens, just wipe with surface wax spray to get rid of spots.

2, during normal use, such as dirt, dry cloth to clean, not scrubbing with detergent and other chemicals. Otherwise, damage exposed parts protective film, causing fading. Do not wipe the body with a damp cloth and the handle, because some of the metallic lock will rust; alloy lock coating worn off, lose the beautiful effect.