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Introduction Of Two Kinds Of Locks For Electric Cabinet Door Locks

Feb 27, 2019


Electric cabinet  lock is used to lock the door to prevent others from opening the door equipment, this equipment may be mechanical, or may be electric, electric power needs electricity.

One is the single lock head of the door lock of the electric cabinet. Open the door with a key, and open the door with a handle (or knob). It has strong secrecy outside the door, easy operation inside the door, no need for keys, and is especially suitable for use in emergency situations such as fire prevention. But the drawback is that as long as someone is inside the door, the door can be opened at any time. For example, ball switch cabinet locks.

Second, double locks for cabinet door locks. Keys are used to open both outside and inside the door. Its confidentiality is higher than that of a single lock head. A burglar can't open unlock unless he has a key inside. In addition, most of them also have defensive functions. As long as there is no key to retract the lock tongue, the lock can't be unloaded with general tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers and hammers. But unfortunately, there is no single lock in emergency operation, which is easy to delay due to errors in busy operation. In double-button lock, because the lock tongue moves vertically, the lock tongue is generally cylindrical, and the lock tongue extends or retracts normally using keys or knobs, so the structure of the lock tongue has the function of self-touching and non-self-touching.