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Some Suggestions On The Selection And Purchase Of Hand Locks

Feb 28, 2019

         Industrial cabinet locks are widely used in various industrial cabinet doors, distribution box doors, high and low voltage cabinet doors. Hand lock is a kind of common locks for industrial cabinets. The handle lock is characterized by a handle, which is convenient to open the door by hand. Hand locks are also classified in many ways.

        Customers should consider the following issues when purchasing handle locks: 1. Whether to have keys and dust-proof cover; 2. Cut out size; 3. Distinction between left and right door openings; 4. Material and surface treatment are durable; 5. outlooking of design and color.

       60021 is a very simple and ergonomically designed industrial cabinet lock. The lock body is made of high quality zinc alloy, and the surface treatment process of bright chrome plating is durable and good looking.