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Cabinet door lock what are the problems?

Nov 26, 2016

Electric door lock in the security technology field, electronic code lock with alarm function instead of the traditional mechanical password lock, overcomes the mechanical code lock password less disadvantages, poor safety, locks both technically and in terms of performance have improved a step further.

Safety induction card is need to solve is to prevent illegal copying and using irregular methods (such as tool, pry, use powerful magnets, etc) unlocked, as well as the electrical cabinet door lock should have a certain ability to resist breakage. In order to prevent the card from being illegally copied, usually each encrypted card at the factory before, different users using different passwords. Card management software is password protected to avoid non authorized officer issuing illegal business card management software. As a result of three anti-lock cylinder lock, when the doors of the laboratory was closed, anti-lock is pressed the door frame, automatic locking carabiner, unable to poke or pry with a tool. Motor-driven clutch with anti-strength magnet function, as well as on the electrical cabinet door locks lock body before any exposed screws, you may disconnect the break-proof.