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Electric door locks have broad market prospects, the competitive need specification!

Nov 26, 2016

The introduction of measures to increase domestic demand eased the partial pressure caused by the financial crisis, cabinet door lock door locks domestic sales rise significantly. Overall rising trend of door and window locks with an unprecedented development. Increase in home decorating for fall/winter, Cabinet locks, handle lock, security lock and hinge hinge door stopper product trends such as better, larger volume; the chain lock, motorcycle lock and disc locks and other products are also popular with consumers, and sales. Export and foreign-dominated by inquiry, returned to form, wait-and-see atmosphere.

Door and window locks, there are certain issues, these issues also attracted the attention of lock doors and Windows enterprise, constantly upgrading the door lock industry, increased to an unprecedented level.

The general lack of brand awareness

China of lock with enterprise scale small, electric cabinet lock leading enterprise not more, cannot is good of led lock with industry of development, China of lock with into door Kan low, lock with enterprise itself missing brand consciousness, electric doors lock not focused on brand of established, some enterprise just family workshop type, funds, and human, and technology, and management, factors restricted its development, electric cabinet lock on brand of consciousness more is lack. Lock enterprises should strengthen their brand-building, upgrading locks the competitiveness of enterprises, standardize lock market.

Competitive market the lack of normative

Cabinet lock currently on the market in the 88% left and right inside the electrical cabinet locks products from Zhejiang Province, Yiwu local was about 28%, factory outlets up to 70.5%, to produce affordable lock products, scarcity of high-end products. Due to the lock industry is a labour-intensive industry entry threshold is low, not high degree of specialization, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Low barriers, locks the product market on the lack of normative, Cabinet locks the homogeneity of the product seriously, product features, cohabitation, the authenticity difficile. The increase in raw material costs, some lock companies adopted the price war, increasing locks disorderly competition in the market, adding to the development of lock trade.