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How to install rolling shutter lock?

Apr 02, 2019

n recent years, the rolling shutter door lock has been changing constantly, and for the rolling shutter door lock, the most important point is safety, so as to effectively protect the safety of rolling shutter door and anti-theft, so the installation of rolling shutter door lock is a noteworthy thing. Then how to install the curtain door lock? How do I change the shutter lock? The following decoration home decoration network will bring you rolling shutter door lock installation steps for your reference.

How to install the curtain door lock?

Installation step 1. It is necessary to determine the installation height of the door lock of the rolling shutter door equipment first, and then draw a central line on the door.

Installation step 2. When installing the rolling shutter door lock, the lock core should be inserted into the lock core hole from outside the door, and the prepared tri-eye plate should be placed in the door. Then the lock core should be put in right position, and the tri-eye plate and the lock core should be screwed together with two long screws. Then the lock body and the door groove are fitted so that the core plate can be directly inserted into the hole of the lock body. Try to see if it can be opened and closed. After that, the lock body can be fixed on the door fan of the rolling curtain door with wooden screw.

Installation step 3: Close the door of the rolling shutter door, insert the lock tongue into the box, then draw the approximate position of the lock tongue box on the door frame of the rolling shutter door, chisel the groove in the opening door according to the line drawn out, and then use the wooden screw to nail the lock tongue box on the door frame. The box is lower than the lock tongue, so that when the rolling shutter door sags. That would be the right thing to do.

How do I change the rolling shutter lock?

1. After choosing the lock core, unscrew the two screws above and below the handle panel. These two screws are mainly used for fixing the panel. They can be accomplished as long as the cross screwdriver is ready. It is very simple. After the screw is properly screwed, put the screw in place and unscrew the lock core on both sides of the sleeve. However, it is important to pay attention not to screw the two screws too tightly when installing, so as not to open the door handle too tightly. Remove the handle first and then the lock cap.

2. Put the lock core into the sleeve and remove it. Place it with the screw. Remember the steps of disassembly and return is the same. Everything that has been disassembled should be put in place without loss.

3. Turn out the screw that fixes the lock core and remove the lock core. If the screw can't be pulled out by hand, knock down the lock head on the left or right side of the hammer and try again. After installing the lock core anti-theft shell, install the handle before installing the handle, insert the safety bolt and install the upper handle according to Step 3.

4. Install the inner and outer handles of Helong. The white hands are better to be held together. They meet symmetrically. Next step is to adjust the inner and outer handles. They must be well coordinated. The screw holes should aim at the nut over there or rotate the screw after illuminating with the flashlight.

5. Insert the screw vertically. If the nut inside is not allowed when inserting the screw, please shake the screw with your finger. Generally, friends who rotate the screw realize whether the screw is aligned or not.

6. Fixed the panel, tighten the screw, pay attention to the screw can not be too tight, the hand to receive the service sticker, can not be flexible rotation, later is to try the effect, we must pay attention to open the door and try again, so as not to be locked, the door has not been repaired and have to start again. By inserting the key to rotate 360 degrees and twist the insurance, everything can be done manually.