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How to remove rust from industrial cabinet locks?

Feb 01, 2019

     The quality of the industrial cabinet lock is directly related to the safety of the material used in the portal, so it is very important to choose an industrial cabinet lock without rust. So how do you derust the industrial cabinet lock when you use the lock?

        When distinguishing whether the metal in the industrial cabinet lock is rusted, it is necessary to distinguish the metal rust from the surface defects caused by metal processing and the damage of daily insertion and removal. Generally, it can be distinguished by a magnifying glass.

        Since the metal rust is mostly loose and porous solid material attached to the metal surface of the industrial cabinet lock, it is not firmly bonded to the base metal. Under the action of external force, the modification is peeled off from the metal body. This is physics. The main principle of rust removal. The application of external force can be carried out by sandblasting, shot blasting, grinding, polishing, and the like. The composition of the metal rust is mostly an oxide or hydroxide of the metal, so it is easy to react with the acid.

        The precipitation of hydrogen can reduce the iron oxide and magnetic iron oxide in the rust layer of the industrial cabinet to the ferrous oxide which is easy to react with the acid, which is beneficial to the melting of the oxide, and accelerates the spalling of the insoluble oxide scale and accelerates the oxidation. Removal of matter. However, hydrogen may also be absorbed by the base metal to cause hydrogen embrittlement.