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Maintenance of flush Lock and cabinet door latch

Feb 19, 2019

                                          Maintenance of Flush Lock and Cabinet door Lock

Flush locks are more commonly used in anti-theft doors nowadays. This kind of locks is currently matched with external handles, used in anti-theft doors, matched by keys and main lock core, and then opened the door with external handles. This is the more suitable way at present, and when it comes to the plane form of locks, the main feature of the current form of locks is its practicability. This kind of lock is generally compact, and the unique design of the main lock core is connected with the external lock tongue, so it is very suitable to use in the anti-theft door. When it comes to the use of locks, in fact, many people have not noticed the use of door locks in fact need to pay attention to maintenance.

Many people don't pull the door hard after opening the door, so the door lock will have close contact with the door frame. In fact, the damage of such closing to the door lock is relatively large. Generally, the correct way to close a door is to rotate the internal lock core, so that the lock tongue retracts, and then close the door, and then rotate the lock core, so that the lock tongue can reappear. This is the main * appropriate protection mode of the door lock at present.