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Toggle latch hasp buckle lock

May 16, 2017


 A multi  purpose buckle for single and double doors and windows, drawers and toolboxes. The lock body is provided with a lock tongue which is rotatable by the pin shaft fixed on the lock base, the tongue is connected with the lock body. and the lock base is provided with the corresponding groove of the locking tongue. It has a unique anti-theft and buckle installation simplicity, lock and buckle integration, tamper defense, more safe and reliable; good lock in appearance, unique design, clever, have a certain decorative landscaping effect; and simple structure, easy manufacture. Just change the lock base, can be applied to all kinds of single or double open the door, cabinets and drawers

Use range

Folding stainless steel flat buckle lock

Stainless steel flat buckle lock in the market known as stainless steel buckle lock. Is made of 304 stainless steel plate stamping after several procedures assembled. Mainly used in the stainless steel products industry, the instrument industry, mechanical and electrical equipment industry, packaging industry, high-tech industry, logistics industry ...

Folding heavy duty fastener

Mainly used in military products box loading fasteners for military and logistics product packaging. Now there are many industries in the industry with such fasteners, such as: import and export crates, transport boxes, air boxes and so on. Heavy-duty military fastener have two kinds: one is big standard load is: 95KG small standard load-bearing 70KG.

Toggle latch

Is used in the car compartment, cargo compartment or electric tricycle car .

Folding insurance buckle lock

Mainly in the buckle on the basis of a plus insurance that is self-locking device, so that the buckle lock is not free to open or bounce. So the insurance buckle can play a safe role. Is used in mechanical vibration or often collision play a protective role.