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What causes easy to cause the cabinet door to bending deformation?

Nov 26, 2016

Bending deformation of the cabinet door will the situation, what is causing it? let us know.

One, reason:

Wear a, pilot punches, pin diameter is insufficient;

B, bending parts precision, wear;

C wear, bending the mold (pressure loss);

D, the lack of mold gave way;

E, the slip material, bending the mold without guide function, is not subjected to pressure, when bending;

F, mould structure and design size;

G, red Flash, causing bent bad;

H, bending parts more punch and die set gaskets, resulting in unstable;

I, material thickness variation;

J, material mechanical variations.

Second, the responses:

A, replace the pilot punches;

B, re grinding or replacement;

C, back ground or replaced;

D, inspection and correction;

E, modification design, additional guides and preloading functions;

F, modify dimension decomposition bent the increased bending plastic;

G, studying cutting edge;

H, adjust, with integral steel mats;

I, replacement materials, quality control of feed;

J, replacement materials, feed quality control.