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What should we do when spots appear on the switch cabinet lock?

Jan 23, 2019

Switchgear lock is an important invention in our daily life. The reliability of the lock is closely related to the use of the switch cabinet. Therefore, it is necessary for us to master the knowledge of installation and maintenance of locks in cabinets and doors.

Installation of switch cabinet locks must be standardized and correct. Handles and panels should not be bonded with paper and tape, and locks should not be installed in the case of wet paint to avoid scratches on the lock surface.

Installation of switch cabinet door lock must follow the product instructions to install, need to pay attention to the switch cabinet door lock can not be in humid places, in order to avoid corrosion.

As for maintenance, there will be spots in the use process, because these locks are made of zinc alloy and copper, which is not rust, but oxidation occurs over a long service life. This situation can be eliminated by spraying with wax on the surface.

It is recommended that the majority of users use stainless steel switch cabinet door locks, so that there will be no oxidation and rust, but also more durable.