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What Is Plastic Toggle Latch/draw Latch?

Mar 18, 2019

What is a plastic toggle catch / draw latch?

  1. The so-called plastic toggle catch is made of plastic material, or draw latches, The plastic toggle catch is different from the fast fixture we currently produce. The fast fixture is usually made of metal material, such as zinc alloy or stainless steel 304. Hope material latch is also widely used in our production and life, especially in some plastic material box equipment. For the sake of product integrity, customers use the expected material for the box, and also require its corresponding accessories products to be plastic material, which is more common in some plastic toolboxes. So it can also be called plastic toolbox toggle latch.


2. What are the characteristics of plastical catch?

Plastic catch is characterized by the use of plastic materials, it will not be noisy in the use process, and has a certain degree of elasticity,  plastic materials can have a certain deformation, can be stuck in, unlike metal latch, a little bit of size is wrong, it can not be used.

In addition, plastic catch are more corrosion-resistant to a certain extent. For example, when used outdoors, plastic catch can keep good appearance and quality for a long time.


3. Where are plastic latch used?

When we introduce what is plastic latch above, we have mentioned that expected material latch is usually used in plastic box equipment, because customer's products are made of plastic , and the corresponding parts that we hope to match are made of plastic , such as some common plastic lunch boxes, the plastic buckle above is the case.

Of course, it can also be used in other equipment, such as some medical equipment. In many cases, plastic catch are used for safety and environmental protection. For example, the following plastic push to closed catches.


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4. Are plastic catch/ latch susceptible to corrosion?

The use of plastic catch/latch needs to pay attention to the contact of some highly corrosive substances, such as some chemicals such as strong acid and alkali, which are not easy to be corroded in normal indoor or outdoor environment, and to a certain extent, the corrosion resistance of plastic catch/ latch is better than that of other metal catch/ latch.

5. How to find suitable plastic toggle catch/ draw latch

Plastic toggle latch/plastic draw latch need to find manufacturers,  Quanzhou Mingyi is a professional design and production of plastic toggle latch/draw latch manufacturers, there are also zinc alloy and stainless steel latches.

Pcustomers can provide samples or drawings, or we can provide solutions for customers, tailor-made for customers of various types of buckles.