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How to distinguish the hinge

Mar 11, 2020

How to distinguish the hinge

Texture of material

First of all, it depends on the material of the hinge. At present, the commonly used hinges on the market are mostly made of cold rolled steel and stainless steel. The strength of cold rolled steel is relatively high and the surface is bright, but it is easy to rust in wet environment. The stainless steel material has good toughness and corrosion resistance, and the price is more expensive than that of cold rolled steel.


The hinge with good quality is made of sufficient materials, heavy in weight and smooth in surface. On the contrary, the hinge with poor quality can be identified by naked eyes due to its cost saving, insufficient in material, light in weight and rough in workmanship.


When the hinge with good quality is closed, it can obviously feel the resilience of the hinge itself, and the resilience is appropriate. When the hinge with poor quality is closed, the resilience should be checked a lot, either too tight or too loose, and it is easy to have problems after a long time of use.

Color and lustre

The hinges with good quality are generally bright in color and smooth on the surface, while the hinges with poor quality are not so exquisite in workmanship because they are more common in small family workshops, so the color of the hinges is generally dim.


For those who don't understand the hinge, they should try to choose some famous brand products. After all, the quality of brand products is very guaranteed. Even if there are quality problems in the future products, there is a relatively complete after-sales service system, and small brands do not have this strength.


Finally, we need to pay attention to the price of the hinge. As the saying goes, the higher the price, the better the quality of the hinge. The cheaper the price, the more difficult it is to guarantee the quality of the hinge. When purchasing, we must ask more about the differences between the common products at different prices, so as to distinguish the good from the bad.