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Key points for installation of electrical cabinet door lock

Apr 07, 2020


The electrical cabinet door lock is a kind of lock with internal structure to control the rotation of the lock. Its lock pin is a metal blade, and the commonly used material is brass or stainless steel. This kind of cabinet door lock is simple in structure and easy to process. It is often used on tool box, file cabinet, etc. The installation is the key to ensure the safety performance of the electric cabinet door lock. During installation, it is required to strictly follow the provisions of the product manual, understand the scope of application, the opening method of locks, etc. Special attention shall be paid not to install on the wooden door with high humidity to prevent the corrosion of harmful substances. The following is a brief introduction to what should be paid attention to during installation.

1. The center of the lock body and the lock tongue is determined according to the distance template.

2. Remove the inner handle with the tip of the accessory.

3. During installation, it is necessary to install the lock tongue of the electric cabinet door lock, and then install the lock body. Insert the lock body hole from the room, and at the same time, lock the tail end of the lock tongue, so as to combine the two.

4. The central position of the lock body can be changed by adjusting the outer adjusting ring.

5. After installation, use the key to open. If the rotation is flexible, the installation is correct.