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Talking about household locks from industrial cabinet locks

Feb 01, 2019

Speaking of locks, I believe many people will think of door locks, box locks and locks. This is also the type of locks that we are more common and more commonly used. As the development of the lock industry, industrial locks are actually the development of other locks. The main driving force. If the early locks are developed, the development of the lock industry and the industry are inseparable. The materials that the locks need to use are the steels used in the industry. Most of the locks produced in the early days were used in the industry. Therefore, for industrial locks, most of the current household locks are borrowed from industrial locks. When it comes to locks, you can't help but say that the locks are the most important type of home locks.

    In comparison, in fact, the box lock or the electric cabinet door lock is currently used less, and as the door lock, the current handle lock, plane lock, and link lock are the main form of door lock, and the hybrid lock is also a A relatively new type of door lock. Generally, such a lock adopts a combination of a plane lock and a link lock, or a lock formed by a combination of a handle lock and a plane lock. This combination reflects the advantages of the two locks, which are more conducive to family safety.