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The use of switchgear locks is required in electrical equipment to improve safety.

Feb 01, 2019

The switchgear is undoubtedly a relatively sophisticated instrument in the electrical appliance. It includes many equipment configurations, the most common instruments, AC contactors that need to be used in the circuit, and some electromagnetic power switches. These can be seen on the switchgear. From this point, the importance of this device can be seen. It is also the most important test equipment in power plants. Some also have high-voltage room and low-voltage room switchgear, with high-voltage busbars, such as power plants, and some have low-cycle load-shedding to protect the main equipment, and it also needs maintenance, in addition to maintenance, it The storage of storage is also a key. There is currently a switch cabinet lock for its storage and sealing.

    This is an industrial lock that is specifically designed to lock such an electrical device that can control a variety of devices. Its significance is mainly to ensure that it is safe, or it can be said to be an electrical cabinet. Lock it. Putting this kind of equipment in the characteristic environment can be said to ensure the normal operation of the switchgear, realize the detection of the circuit and the safety of the circuit, and it is also very practical for controlling a variety of equipment, it is electric power. The main helper of the staff.