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Hardware Industry Should Pay Attention To Customization And Environmental Protection

Apr 10, 2019

In recent years, the problem of overcapacity of furniture hardware industry in China has become increasingly prominent. Due to the slowdown of the whole market economy, the furniture hardware market has changed from short supply to oversupply. At the same time, due to the environmental impact caused by high energy consumption and pollution, energy saving and emission reduction has become a reality that enterprises must deal with, which will inevitably lead to the improvement of the threshold of furniture and hardware industry. Industry insiders said that furniture hardware enterprises need to improve product quality and their own technical strength to break through the development bottleneck of the industry.

Recently, China's furniture and hardware industry has gradually entered a bottleneck period of development, which is closely related to rising raw material prices, logistics costs and human costs. From the external environment, in recent years, developed countries in Europe and the United States began to transfer their low-end products to developing countries, such as China, because of the rapid development of production technology and the high cost of domestic labor. From the internal situation, furniture hardware industry in eastern China began to shift from south to North and from east to west. For example, Sichuan (real estate) Province in China has become a major province of furniture hardware production from the production scale of products and sales volume of enterprises, and a major production base in the western region has been formed in Sichuan. But as a whole, due to the slowdown of the whole market economy, the domestic market demand is not strong, coupled with many domestic self-built markets and a wide range of distribution, the current furniture hardware market is in a situation of oversupply, many furniture products appear unsalable in the domestic market.

Hardware Industry Should Pay Attention to Customization and Environmental Protection.

Some insiders said that if China's furniture and hardware industry wants to seek breakthrough development, it needs enterprises to adapt to the market situation, not only to mass production of furniture products, but also to develop customized business according to the individual needs of consumers, focusing on the original design of products and creating unique processes on the basis of quality control. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Association of Mold and Hardware and Plastic Industry Suppliers, said that if China's furniture and hardware market wants to be bigger and stronger, transformation and upgrading is the key. In the past two years, customized furniture is on the rise, and personalization has become the trend of development.

In order to protect the world environment, industries with high energy consumption and pollution need to pay more attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. For the home market, energy saving and emission reduction has become an important means for enterprises and businesses to compete. This trend will also lead to the continuous improvement of the production threshold of furniture hardware accessories.

Although China's hardware products have been developed for more than ten years, some enterprises have gradually formed a series, standardization and brand management, but in the face of international standards, not all hardware enterprises can rapidly break through, such as wardrobe hardware accessories to produce wardrobe hardware products in accordance with export specifications, production matching pressure increased a lot. The development of some domestic furniture and hardware manufacturing enterprises is based on extensive economic model at the cost of resource waste, energy waste and environmental pollution. The vigorous implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies by the state means the improvement of quality and the enhancement of technological innovation for production enterprises.

In addition, with the improvement of consumers'living standards, their requirements for energy-saving and environmental protection products are also increasing. Furniture hardware fittings, as a necessity of life, will inevitably be improved and upgraded with the changing needs of consumers and market environment.