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Talk About Electric Cabinet Door Lock And Vehicle Lock & Door Lock

Mar 26, 2019

Electric cabinet door is the main type of industrial cabinet at present, and the electric cabinet door lock is a typical type of industrial locks. Its function is similar to general door locks, but its characteristic is that it uses electric locks and has certain modern performance. It is also a kind of locks which are more practical in box cabinet at present. And when it comes to locks, we have to say door locks and vehicle locks, which are two kinds of locks that are concerned about at present, and also locks that are closely related to our lives. Among them, door locks are mainly mechanical locks. At present, the handle locks are similar to the main door locks, and they are also the main form of locks for cabinets.

Comparatively, vehicle locks are more in line with the development trend of modern electronic technology. At present, vehicle locks have produced the ability to remotely control door locks through mobile phones. But the accuracy is not high, so it has not been put into use. At present, infrared vehicle locks and electronic locks are the main forms of car locks, and these locks are derived from the development of industrial cabinet locks.